iBaby i2 Support General

iBaby i2 Support General

Common iBaby i2 Questions:

It is the innovation way for the smart baby monitor, i2 is the first with high breathing accuracy baby monitor, and for the users, we provide several way with just—-one flexible tube.

1.The first way

Stick(9 month check the sticker, replace it if necessary) or screw on the wall, like this

2.Second way

Use portable power bank with the i2 . The baby monitor can be used for more than 8 hours(10000Ah)

3 Third way to use

Stick on the crib pole or other pole can twist this amazing tube.

The iBaby i2 comes with the monitor, AC Adaptor, wall mount kit, and a quick start guide.

If your monitor does not install, please reset the monitor by pressing the reset button for 30 seconds or until you hear the iBaby jingle.

Yes, you can view all iBaby monitors remotely with your mobile device data plan or with any available Wi-Fi connection.