iBaby Care M2S Plus Troubleshooting

iBaby Care M2S Plus Troubleshooting

Make sure your Wi-Fi network is available and working

We want to help you stay connected to iBaby 24/7. If your iBaby won’t connect or if you’re seeing a connection error during setup, occasional disconnections in your live video stream, or multiple disconnects in throughout the night, there are a few things you can try to make things right again.

1.1. Connect your phone to the Wi-Fi network you’re attempting to connect iBaby to. If your Wi-Fi network is not available, there may be an issue with your router. In this case, proceed to Tip 1.5.

1.2. Open a web page on your device to see if the page loads. If the page doesn’t load, there may be an issue with your home’s internet connection. We suggest contacting your Internet Service Provider for further assistance.

1.3. Connecting in to a stand alone access point, i.e. one router.

1.4. In the cases where you have one network name for both 5.0GHz and 2.4GHz networks, we recommend that you bifurcate them into two distinct networks – one for the 5.0GHz, and one for the 2.4GHz.

1.5. The iBaby monitor may not be be able to connect in to repeaters and extenders – remember, connect in to the original, stand-alone access point.

Close and relaunch the iBaby Care App


2.1.Double-click the home button

2.2.Locate the iBaby app screen and swipe up.


2.1.Tap the app drawer button

2.2.Tap the ‘X’ on the iBaby app screen

Restart Your iBaby

By restarting your iBaby monitor, iBaby can re-establish a connection with your Wi-Fi network. To restart iBaby:

1. Disconnect and reconnect the iBaby’s power adapter from the wall outlet.
2. The status Light on your iBaby will blink for a few seconds to let you know it’s reconnecting.

Once iBaby’s status light has stopped blinking, open the iBaby app to see if the network connection has improved. This means if you are able to view the live feed.

Restart your router and/or modem

If your Wi-Fi network isn’t showing up, or you’re having trouble establishing an internet connection, we suggest restarting your router, modem, and any wireless-repeaters. Keep in mind, each router and modem is unique, so your steps to restart may be different.

To restart these items:

  1. Unplug your router, modem, and repeaters from the wall outlet and make sure the connection lights have stopped blinking.
  2. Wait 10 seconds, plug each item back into the wall outlet.

Once your router, modem, or repeater has restarted, test your internet connection by connecting to your Wi-Fi with a mobile device and loading a web page.

Switch between 2.4GHz and 5GHz

Most modern routers support dual-band routing, which means they broadcast both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks. Depending on where your IBaby is located, one network may offer a more dependable connection over the other. If you have both networks available, try switching between them to see if this improves IBaby’s connection.

To change Wi-Fi networks:

1. Open your phone settings
2. Tap Wi-Fi
3. Tap the 2.4 or 5.0GHz band for your home’s Wi-Fi

Check your Wi-Fi bandwidth

iBaby requires a specific amount of bandwidth to properly upload and maintain its video stream. Not having enough bandwidth could lead to connection issues within the iBaby Care App.

If your video quality is set to 1080p, we suggest upload speeds of 1536 kbps and download speeds of 1000 kbps.

To check your network’s bandwidth, run an internet speed test on your phone while connected to the same Wi-Fi network as iBaby. For the most accurate test, be sure to stand next to iBaby while running the test. One of the most common free apps for testing your bandwidth is speedtest.net.

Move your router closer to iBaby/Move iBaby closer to your router

If you’re still experiencing connection issues, iBaby may be too far from your router. You may want to try moving your router closer to iBaby or moving your iBaby closer to your router. This means that you may experience connectivity issues for nurseries on floors above where your wireless router is located.

For an optimal connection, we suggest having a router or Wi-Fi repeater/extender on the same floor as the nursery and within 15 feet of iBaby.