iBaby Care M2C Installation

First time setup Instructions:

Before Setup

Please double check that you have the following before we start the setup process:

1. iBaby monitor power cord (please do not use other power cords)

2. Confirm you are connecting to a 2.4GHz network with WPA/WPA2 protocol.

iBaby monitors will not work with WEP protocol. Before installing your iBaby monitor connect your phone to the Wi-Fi network you want iBaby to connect to.

The optimal location for your monitor is on the same floor as your iBaby, less than 15 feet away.

Download the iBaby Care App:

Apple iPhone or iPad

Download the iBaby Care App from the Apple App Store.

Google Pixel, Samsung, or any Android:

Download the iBaby Care app from the Google Play Store.

Windows PC/ Desktop App


Installing iBaby M2C Plus On iOS or Android Device

iOS Install


1. Connect your smart device to your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection

2. Plug the power adapter into your iBaby M2C

3. Tap continue.

4. When prompted to, enter your Wi-Fi Password


1. Wait until the LED light behind your M2C monitor is flashing red.

2. On your smart device open the settings app then tap on Wi-Fi

3. Find and connect to the network name that begins with “IBM2C[Serial #]

* Serial # is located on the back of the neck of your M2C Monitor

4. Return to the iBaby Care App to finish the installation


1. Your iBaby M2C is installing. Please do not unplug or disconnect your smart device from your Wi-Fi connection.


1. After you successfully install your M2C, switch back to the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection you initially used on step 1.

Android Installation: