Our History

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The birth of iBaby Labs

iBaby quickly became a dominant force in the baby monitoring and smart technology industry by leading an innovative new method to baby monitoring- App-enabled baby monitors. This meant that for the first time ever, iBaby’s product line gave parents the ability to interact with their babies and loved ones straight from their smartphone using LTE data or Wi-Fi. Our wide range of baby monitors consists of award-winning wifi compatible baby monitors that let parents monitor their loved ones from any location using their smartphone. Since it’s the first public introduction, iBaby products have received praise from thousands of parents and reputable media outlets such as CNet, PN Mag, Yahoo, and Fox. Its products continue to receive prestigious awards such as Top Choice, The Best of Baby Tech, and Mom’s Choice Awards. Since 2011, consumers could find iBaby products in stores and online at Apple.com, Target, Costco, Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, and much more.


iBaby launched the first Wifi compatible baby monitor, iBaby M3, at Apple retail stores worldwide! The M3 completely revolutionized the baby monitor industry by eliminating range restrictions of traditional monitors and extending the reach to anywhere an internet-enabled smartphone, tablet and computer can be connected to.


After the successful launch of iBaby M3, iBaby spent some time further investigating the needs of hard-working parents. This allowed iBaby to come up with a smarter redesigned line of ibaby monitors that brought more to the table.


With a fresh new design, iBaby M6T hit the shelves at Apple retail stores worldwide and became the #1 best seller at Apple.com in the connected home category 4-weeks in a row. The cute snow-man shaped M6T with innovative features became an instant hit amongst the parenting community.


With an unyielding goal of becoming the global leader in family care, iBaby Labs geared up to introduce one of the most modern monitors during this time: iBaby M6S. The first 1080p HD video baby monitor that gave parents advanced air temperature and humidity readings along with motion and sound sensors.


iBaby Labs has continued its mission to always provide parents with the most up to date technology. And this is why a new line of baby monitors, the care line was launched. iBaby Care M7 & M2S Plus made their debut to give parents smart devices that promote early childhood education along with smart monitoring features. Because of this, iBaby Care M7 has won a huge array of awards in the parenting community.


Continuing with a legacy of designing winning baby monitors, iBaby Labs launched iBaby Care M7 Lite, the first monitor with a second set of powerfully made audio speakers. This gave parents and their little ones the option of jamming out to the preloaded songs, lullabies, or bedtime stories in the iBaby Care App.


A cute and portable new design made its way to iBaby headquarters. iBaby M2C was launched with the needs of parents on the go in mind. M2C is the first monitor with a unique silicone flexible tail that allows parents countless of placement options.


On-trend with the previous years, iBaby Labs has a lot of new projects and aspirations in store for the new year. With the launch of new monitors in the next couple of months to new features making its way to the iBaby Care App. To keep up with our new products and adventures, join our mailing list below.


Established in Mountain View in 2011, iBaby Labs had a vision of transforming the orthodox technique of traditional baby monitoring into a modern concept. And because of this, iBaby Labs’ vision of pioneering the first of its kind wifi baby monitor using Apple’s iOS mobile platform in combination with cloud technology was born. Unlike other internet-enabled video surveillance devices that required lengthy installation processes, the iBaby monitor could be easily set up with any internet-enabled iOS device and an existing Wi-Fi network. This revolutionized the industry and launched a new era of wifi compatible baby monitors that allowed parents to view their babies from any location straight on their smartphone.