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Transport your little one into dreamland with the iBaby Care M7, our smart baby monitor with industry-leading baby technology and a built-in starry night moon and star projector. Carefully crafted and jam-packed with smart features, M7 turns into a parenting assistant that brings peace of mind and helps make parenthood hassle-free and efficient.

  • Full HD 1080p video w/ infrared night vision
  • High-quality two-way audio speakers to listen and talk to your baby, or for use as an audio monitor
  • Multiple users & camera split screen view
  • Customizable motion & sound alerts
  • Memory Timeline to store your baby’s milestones
  • Diaper & feeding alarms
  • Over 1,000 songs, lullabies, bedtime stories, white noises
  • Record your own lullabies or upload your favorites
  • Temperature, humidity & TVOC sensors
  • Built-in moonlight projector
  • Super wide viewing range via motor 360° pan & 140° tilt with finger touch
  • All Features & portability grow along every stage of your baby’s life for years to come

Protection Plan

    • 34.95 $


360° Pan and 140° Tilt

iBaby Care M7 is the only monitor in the care line that allows you to view your baby with a 360° pan and 140° tilt. This means you can see every angle of your baby’s nursery just by swipping (left, right, up, or down) on the video feed.

Sleep mode

Have full control over your privacy with the sleep mode feature. Sleep mode gives you the ability to block all viewers (except the camera owner) from viewing the monitor.

Two-Way Audio Speakers

The two-way audio speakers with echo noise cancellation let you talk and listen to your baby even if you’re away from home.

Remote Viewing

Whether you’re at the office, at the mall or simply a room away, you have full access to control your iBaby monitor regardless of your location.

Temperature & Humidity Alerts

Receive smart air quality notifications straight to your cellphone. So you can have peace of mind knowing your baby is safe and secure from air fluctuations.

CO2 Readings

Know your baby’s nursery is safe from dangerous C02 gases by receiving Carbon Dioxide readings. (C02 is a colorless gas that can cause headaches, dizziness and other symptoms).

Security & Privacy Features:
● Smart sensors for adequate temperature, humidity and TVOC Air readings
● Sound and Motion Detection
● Sleep mode blocks all users (except the camera owner) from using the monitor
● Privacy mode pans the camera away so you can privately breastfeed or change your baby’s diaper

Added Valuable Features:
● Memory Timeline (Growth and weight chart. Image, video or post entries)
● Wide variety of music, lullabies, white noises and bedtime stories
● Invite unlimited family members to view the video feed
● Split screen to view multiple iBaby monitors at the same time
● Diaper and feeding alerts
● Remotely access the video feed from any location
● Quick access to iBaby’s help center

Additional information

Weight 3.2 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 6.5 in

16 reviews for iBaby Care M7 Monitor

  1. Aaron Wark

    This M7 baby monitor is very cool. It moves all the way when you move your finger on the app. We love that it connects to iTunes and it can play a lot of music. We are planning to buy the second monitor soon.

  2. Jocelyn Santi

    A Great Baby Monitor. This is a baby monitor, we bought it to keep an eye on our baby boys. This monitor has made our life fun. The Night vision is great. We can clearly see them at night and I don’t have to be always worried about them.

  3. Jane Shayward

    Love the M7. I am a happy customer. I bought it to see my baby on my phone. I didn’t want to have bulky displays around when I can easily watch through my phone. The monitor offers a lot of features compared to the price. Moves 360 and up and down. Has night vision, series of lullabies in the app, records voice, two speakers, and temperature and humidity. It also shows the room’s air. I wish the app would provide more information on the air.

  4. Candace Glass

    M7 is the best. My hubby and I love this monitor. We are expecting my little angle and can’t wait to use it when she is with us. The installation was easier than I would ever expect. We installed the app on our iPhones and Samsung devices. The app is really good. Very easy to use the features like Moonlight, take a picture, record video or talk and listen.

  5. Lola Jenkins

    5 Stars. It is so cute and useful. We feel safe since we bought this. The alerts are great. It takes video and pictures when there is sound or movement. This is on all our phones and tablets around the home.

  6. John Ramacciotti

    My wife got this as a registry gift from Buy Buy Baby.
    The monitor has a well thought-out design and features. I love the 1080P video and is one of the few monitors that has temperature, humidity, and air quality sensors. I also appreciate that you can move the camera using the app.

    UNFORTUNATELY, I have had some issues with the install. It took at least 5 attempts to register the monitor. The bar would go all the way to the right and then stop. When I was finally able to register the monitor it worked for about 3-4 hours one night but when I woke up the next morning the red light on the back of the monitor was solid then it turned to flashing red. I tried to reset and re-register about 4 more times but no luck. I contacted customer service via email on 6/28/2018 and I still have not heard a response. I also called on 6/29/2018 and again on 7/3/2018 but no one picked up.
    I really want this monitor to work since it is one of the few that has the temperature. I am hoping that I just have a bad monitor. However, at this point more frustrating than anything else because it is not working and customer service has not contacted me either.

  7. Amanda (verified owner)

    So for our first baby we made the mistakes of thinking we had to spend more to get more. We spent a bloody fortune on our first monitor, upwards in the $400 range. The for our second baby we spent a lot of time reviewing monitors. Everywhere we turned all the super tech sites reviewed the iBabyCare monitor as one of the best so we took the leap. We love it! It is a million times more clear both during the day and at night. We are beyond happy, highly considering getting rid of our other monitor and buying another iBabyCare for the toddlers room!

  8. Roland Taylor (verified owner)

    We really didn’t know what to expect or even what to purchase when looking at monitors. But, the M7 has worked like a charm! Easy to install, very reliable, and most important to me is the safety and peace of mind it provides. Plus, the customer experience is top notch. You never feel like a number. Very attentive and super helpful. I’d recommend this product and company to anyone!

  9. Tal Ditye

    We got our hands on the iBaby Care M7 and put it to the test! And guess what? It ended up on the Top 6 baby monitors of the year, with its outstanding features list, reliability, and versatility! Highly recommended!

    Check out our full review of the iBaby M7 at our website: https://mommyhood101.com/best-video-baby-monitors-2018-ratings

  10. Katherine Albrecht

    We purchased 2 of the iBaby monitors (to monitor our newest baby and our 3 year old) and are thrilled! In the past we have used other brands and they don’t come anywhere close to this. The old monitors would easily break and had trouble staying plugged in to receive a charge. The picture quality was also nothing compared to the iBaby and the features didn’t come close!

    The iBaby camera looks modern and sleek with the ability to rotate to just about any desired angle. The image quality has three options and at the highest level is far superior to the baby monitors we have previously used.

    I love that it’s WiFi so I can display it on my devices and don’t have to worry about faulty monitors anymore. The camera comes with added features like temperature and air quality readings as well as the ability to play a wide variety sounds/songs and stories which we are still exploring! Even the moon light and stars projection feature is fun and relaxing for our kiddos.

    If I had to think of one negative, the only thing I can think to say is that it would be nice to see both rooms with our cameras in a horizontal orientation. Right now on my device it is displayed vertically. I’m not overly worried about this though as I can zoom in and still get a great clear picture with clear sound!

    So If you’re like I was – trying to decide what baby monitor to purchase- do youself a favor and save the frustration with other brands by getting an iBaby monitor. You won’t regret it! (Oh and by the way the customer service is fantastic! I had a question about set up and solved my problem in less than one minute!!)

  11. Ana

    I purchased the iBaby Care M7 after testing out so many other monitors on the market. And let me tell you that none of them compared to this one. It’s extremely crucial for me to have a reliable monitor that does not disconnect like all the other ones. And the M7 did not fail. The picture is super clear both during the day and night. And for the price, the amount of features you get in one monitor is awesome. And also, one of the top benefits in my case is being able to see how my husband interacts with our son while I’m away. I’ve been able to see some really sweet moments between them. So this definitely makes this monitor a success in my book. I would definitely recommend to you all.

  12. Justin Roberts

    This is a great monitor. I love all of the features it has from the 360 degree range of motion to the night vision. Would highly recommend.

  13. Judith Cruz

    I’m so impressed by the quality of the iBaby M7. The HD video (make sure to set it to HD, because it’s automatically set to a lower quality) is absolutely fantastic. I also love that it comes with preloaded music and white noises, so I didn’t need to purchase a separate sound machine for the nursery. If you’re looking around for a monitor, I definitely recommend the iBaby.

  14. Alison B. (verified owner)

    I love this monitor!!! It really made me feel comfortable going back to work knowing that I could check in on my daughter while she’s sleeping! The speaker in it could use some work though. I do not play music for her as a result. Also, when the stars are on, the whole unit moves and so you cannot view your child. But nevertheless, I did buy a second one in preparation for my second child.

  15. Lisa


  16. Jim

    Great monitor, can’t look down into the crib though. Had to modify the wall mount to get it to look down into crib. Seems silly to be able to look straight up at ceiling but not straight down. Bought the M7 (had the M6 before) thinking the extra 30 degrees of tilt would solve my problem, not so. Otherwise a fantastic camera.

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