iBaby M6/T/S

Common iBaby Care M7 Lite Questions:

You can use iPhone, iPad or Android devices to install your iBaby Care M7.  (All iOS devices must be running iOS version 6.0 or newer).

The M6 series of iBaby monitors all require different internet bands in order to connect. Match yours to the list below:

iBaby M6- 2.4 GHz Internet Connection

iBaby M6T- 2.4 GHz Internet Connection

iBaby M6S- Dual Band (Either 2.4GHz or the 5GHz band)

The iBaby Care M7 has a wide viewing range using the night vision feature that allows you to see within 5 meters (16 feet).

An unlimited number of invited users can access your iBaby monitor. However, only four users can access the monitor simultaneously.

The iBaby M6 series line video quality varied depending on your monitor. Pick your on the list below:

iBaby M6- 720p HD Video

iBaby M6T- 720 HD Video

iBaby M6S- 1080p HD Video

Both the iBaby M6T and the M6S can measure temperature and humidity. The M6 cannot.

The status light behind the iBaby monitor lets you know what is going on with your iBaby monitor.

In order to add a new user, go to the menu button on top left hand side of the iBaby Care app.

Then select View & Invite Users. Now you can invite them by email as well as modify their access. If the user you are inviting has difficulty receiving the email, ask them to first download the iBaby Care app, create an account and give you the email address they used to register. Now follow the steps above.

If the user is already on the list, tap on their email address, delete the user and re-invite.

ATTENTION: iBaby Care app and iBaby website are two different platforms. The account you used on iBaby website does not grant you a login access on the iBaby Care App. You need to create a new account. Please let us know if we can assist you further.

Having multiple devices under the same Wi-Fi connection or band can cause the Wi-Fi signal strength to decrease. This can cause your iBaby Care M7 to freeze, lag or disconnect. If this occurs, we recommend performing a speed test to determine your internet speed test. Your internet upload speed should be at least 2.4 mbps to establish a secure network connection.

Darker rooms will cause the video display to show in black & white. If this is not the case, check your display settings for Night Vision and make sure it is set to AUTO, which should restore the color. To do so go into the iBaby Care App > Settings > Display Settings > Night Vision.

You can definitely use an LTE network to view your monitor feed. The monitor needs to be connected to your home router to work on your Wi-Fi. Once the monitor is installed, you can access the video feed through a 4G and LTE network from any location as long as you have service.

If the installation on your iBaby monitor failed complete a hard reset of the monitor, then re-try installation. To reset your monitor press the back reset button for 30 seconds until you hear the iBaby jingle.