iBaby Care M7

iBaby Care M7

Features Parent’s are Loving

  • TVOC Detector
  • Built-In Moonlight Soother
  • Diaper & Feeding Alerts
  • Music, White Noises, Lullabies
  • 140° Tilt & 360° Pan
  • Privacy Mode

Features Parent’s are Loving

Full HD 1080p Video with Infrared Night Vision

View every angle of your baby’s nursery in Full HD 1080p video and equal video quality during the night with the infrared night vision.

Built-In Moonlight Soother

Struggling during nap time and bed time are a thing of the past. With the iBaby Care M7’s built-in moonlight soother, lulling your baby to sleep is easier than ever before. The soothing constellation  of moon and stars will display on your ceiling or with the push of a button, rotate in smooth circles.

Wide 360° Pan and 140° Tilt

keep an eye on every angle of your baby’s nursery with iBaby’s wide range movement. iBaby Care M7 is the only monitor in the line that lets you tilt your iBaby monitor 140° to have a better view of your baby.

Motion Alerts & Two-Way Audio Speakers

Receive smart motion notifications straight to your mobile device whenever motion is detected. And the two-way audio speakers allows you to listen to and communicated with your little one.

TVOC Measurements

The iBaby Care M7 measures TVOC’s that reassure you everything is safe in your baby’s nursery. If a TVOC scent is detected, you will receive a smart alert notification straight to your phone.

Cigarette Smoke


Toxic ScentsCleaning Supplies

Privacy Mode

Privacy mode pans the camera away so you can privately breastfeed or change your baby’s diaper without anyone viewing or interrupting.

Sleep Mode 

Sleep mode blocks all users (except the camera owner) from using the monitor

Meet the iBaby Care App

Where you’ll find everything you need for your iBaby monitor to function with its best abilities.

Remote Viewing

You can check up on your little one from any location, whether be from the bedroom, work, or while you’re out shopping.

Audible Content

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Setting your baby down for nap time or bedtime has never been easier. With the integrated wide variety of audible content that includes white noises, bedtime stories, lullabies, and songs, you can soothe your baby to sleep quicker than ever before.

Memory Timeline

Store all of your baby’s important milestones with written, picture, or video posts. And to make all of your doctor appointments easier, store your baby’s weight and height for easy access.

Unlimited Users

The unlimited users feature gives parents the ability to share their iBaby monitor video feed with close family friends and relatives so they can tune in to view the important moments in your baby’s life.

Split Screen

Have multiple iBaby monitors? The split screen feature allows your to monitor multiple iBaby’s under one screen.