Reset your iBaby monitor

Reset your iBaby monitor

How to reset your iBaby Monitor

Resetting your iBaby monitor is easy and hassle-free. Just follow the reset instructions below:

Reset your installed iBaby Monitor:

*Save all images from your gallery into your phone since they will be deleted when you complete a reset of your monitor.

  1. Open the iBaby Care app
  2. Tap Menu (top left corner) > Settings > Delete (SN or monitor name)
  3. Log Out and Close the iBaby Care app
  4. Reboot your iBaby monitor -unplug the power adapter and any other cables that may be connected
  5. Plug the iBaby monitor back in to the power adapter
  6. Wait at least 60 seconds until the iBaby  jingles or rotates. (M2S Plus will not rotate)
  7. Press & hold down the reset button for about a minute or until you hear the “second” jingle. Once you hear the jingle you can let go of the button
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions. Be sure you’re in the same area as your monitor so your phone can communicate directly with your monitor.

How to reset your iBaby monitor when switching Wi-Fi connections:

Confirm your iBaby is receiving power, disconnect and reconnect the power adapter from the wall outlet. In your iBaby Care app

  1. Tap Menu (top left corner) 10.2. Settings
  2.  Delete ‘iBabyXXXXXX’ 10.4. Log Out of your Account 10.5. Force close the app
  3. Locate the recessed master reset button on the bottom of your iBaby monitor. The black reset button is below the USB port.
  4. Using your index finger or an appropriate tool that will firmly press the reset button. 13. Push the reset button for about 60 seconds. Pushing this button will reset the monitor.
  5.  If the reset was successful it will take the monitor a few seconds for the status light to
  6. flash and for the monitor to make a low click sound, but you may not hear it. Now, simply wait for your iBaby Monitor’s status light to start flashing red this is your main indicator that the monitor has been successfully reset and is ready to for you to move on to the in-app instructions for setting up your monitor.
  7. Now that the monitor is ready to connect.- Setting up on an iOS device- Plug in your OEM Apple cable to your phone and monitor.-Setting up on an Android device- Refer to the Android Install instructions
  8. Two alert messages will pop-up, Tap ‘(Allow’) ’.
  9. Follow the onscreen instructions to connect to your iBaby.

Reset your monitor if installation Failed:

  1. Hold the reset button for 30 seconds
  2. Wait for the iBaby monitor to rotate or jingle
  3. Continue the instillation process and follow the on-screen instructions