Security Update Instructions:

Step 1:

  • Download or update the iBaby Care App from the iOS App Store or Android Play Store. (You can check if you have the latest version by searching for iBaby Care App on theApple App store or Google Play store). 
  • The latest iOS App Version is: V2.4.4 

  • The latest Android app version is: V 2.9.5

Step 2: 

  Unplug and plug your monitor then wait 10 minutes for the firmware to update to V5.4.2

  (Verify that the firmware has been updated by logging into your account then going into  settings> Device settings > Camera Information. The firmware version should have updated to 5.4.2.)  If it hasn’t been updated, repeat step 2. 

Step 3

Reset and re-install the device. 

Reset instructions: 

  1. Open the iBaby Care App and tap the Menu button (upper left)

  1. Select Settings

  1. Scroll down and tap the “Delete ” button.

  1. Hold the black reset button (underneath the USB tab) for 30-60 seconds then let go. You will then hear the iBaby ringtone or the monitor will begin to rotate depending on the model you have. Please wait until the LED light flashes red, then proceed to the next step. 

  1. Reinstall the monitor by following the on-screen instructions

*A reset is required after the firmware update to ensure that the device is connected to our heightened server and new encryption method. 

If you still have difficulty updating your device, reach out to our customer support at or by calling at (650) 396-2436 (M-F 9-5 PM PDT).