Best Ibaby so far!

Amazing! Very easy to install, easy to take with you on holiday etc. Perfect to combine with other Ibaby products and use split screen. Night vision is very good and useful. As wel as the sound, the speak-back-option and music.
This Ibaby is much better quality and has extra breathing condition options than our others! Very happy with it!


When I’m not working on my blog I’m working on preserving my children’s memories. I have little projects here and there, and even though it is very time consuming, it’s so worth it. Because one day I’ll blink and they’ll be all grown up and my memories will start to cloud. So instead I’ll have these treasures filled with details to remind me of those unforgettable moments. ⁣

Like this one here, baby Logan’s nursery, which took 7 months to complete this space. ? Every time I look at this wall now I smile and swoon over those squishy little toes, hand and that cute little newborn face. These are the moments I live for and the memories that make my heart smile. What makes your heart smile?⁣
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Nayeli Tirado

My little bookworm is LOVING her new cozy corner of the room. I find her laying there just chilling and reading books it warms my heart ? Having a cozy/safe area is so important for toddlers. This is an area where a child can go to calm down, be comforted or problem solve. Ours is in progress, but we’re loving it so far???. Link for some of her furniture including this beautiful canopy in my app. Link in bio? #tapfordetails


I have enjoyed baby wearing since first having Eli and my obsession with it has only grown with Theo. I’m so happy that it allows my and my babes to bond while also letting me get stuff done around the house. ⁣

Anytime the kids are fussy, or not feeling good, or just missing me, I put them in a carrier and continue on with my day. I honestly don’t know how I would have managed two kids under two without wearing them so here is a picture of my updated carrier stash ?.


This little one has been getting all the love on my feed lately. Possibly one of the last posts of her in her crib ? She’s been napping on a mattress on her floor and slept on it last night but still asks to go in her crib sometimes. Still working on her bed situation and waiting for some caning to arrive as a possible addition to the headboard I painted for her. #timeslowdown .


Post especial sobre Babás Eletrônicas ???? Um geralzão de marcas , reviews e infos de lojistas, aqui nos EUA e Brasil , mas é super importante que mamães e/ou papais que possuem ou tiveram algum modelo igual ou diferente destes aqui mencionados, possam dar suas opiniões para ajudar novas famílias a tomarem suas decisões ?? .