iBaby Monitor M6 (Final Sale)

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iBaby Monitor M6 WiFi Wireless Digital Baby Video Camera features a high resolution wireless camera and ability to record your baby, send alerts and share video with multiple users. This digital monitor will help you stay on top of things as a parent.

  • iBaby Monitor M6 WiFi Wireless Digital Baby Video Camera allows you to easily keep an eye on your baby at all times in high definition
  • Ability to watch, hear and speak to your baby from anywhere at any time via your smartphone or tablet
  • Crystal clear 720p High Definition resolution
  • Wi-Fi/3G/4G LTE
  • 360 degree coverage with the swipe of your find on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet

*iBaby M6 Final Sale + No Returns

    • 34.95 $


HD Video iBaby Monitor M6

720p HD Video

With iBaby Monitor M6, you can see your baby in high definition from anywhere you are. The video feed will be streamed directly to your mobile device (phone/tablet) while connected to Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, or LTE.

Pan and Tilt iBaby Monitor M6

Pan & Tilt

No need to go to the baby’s room to adjust the view from your monitor. You can easily turn your monitor 360° or tilt it up to 110° from your mobile device by smoothly swiping your finger on the app.

Night Vision iBaby Monitor M6

Night Vision

When you need to check on your baby at night, you can conveniently do it from your bed thanks to the monitor’s clear night vision. The LED lights provide enough light while not disturbing the baby.

Music Player and Recorder Baby Video Monitor

Music Player

Babies love music! Choose your favorites from the lullaby and bedtime story library to play for your little one, or record your own voice to be played later.

Smart Alerts

Say ‘cheese’! iBaby Monitor M6 automatically takes a series of photos or a short video clip when it senses motion or sound. Now you won’t miss what is happening in the nursery.

Full Privacy Control Baby Video Monitor

privacy Mode

Turn on Sleep Mode to temporarily restrict access of all users to the video feed. Also choose how much access to give to your baby monitor’s viewers. You’re in full control!

  • Includes:
    • iBaby Monitor M6
    • Power adaptor
    • Monitor base
    • Quick start guide
  • Music player plays soothing music at bedtime
  • Voice recording feature
  • Visual alert notifies you when it detects a sound or motion and allows you to capture every magical moment with automatic photo and video capturing
  • Night vision permits easy viewing of your baby in the dark
  • Ability to invite family and friends to view your baby’s live video
  • Easy installation and set up
  • Works with both Android and iOS devices
  • Measures 5.3″ L x 4.5″ W x 5.3″ H

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 6.5 in

38 reviews for iBaby Monitor M6 (Final Sale)

  1. Kemal


    Is Ibaby M6 compatible with İphone6 and Samsung Galaxy Note ..?

    Thank you,

  2. Mauricio Salinas

    When is it going to be available, ship date for anyone that pre-orders it?

    Also, the app screen shots look great. Does it have the function to send you alerts (push alerts) to your mobile device when the camera detects movement or sound?

    • iBaby Admin (verified owner)

      Dear Mauricio,
      Thank you for contacting iBaby! All pre-order units have been shipped. Please let us know your order # (if any) and we will follow up on your purchase.

      Yes the monitor sends sound and motion push alerts to your smart device.

  3. Tim

    How can I purchase this in Australia? You only have checkout options for the US or Canada

  4. Lee

    Hi how can I buy this in HK? And on the video recording function when detecting movements, how does it work and how long of a video it can record and store? Thanks

    • iBaby Admin (verified owner)

      Hello Lee!
      You can purchase iBaby M6 from Apple stores and online in Asia Pacific.The duration of the video is 15 seconds. Thank you!

  5. Abhishek Jagasia

    Can this be purchased in Bangkok or India? Please let me know.

    • iBaby Admin (verified owner)

      Hi Abhishak,

      The iBaby Monitor M6 is currently not available in India. You can purchase from Apple online in China, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, US, Hong Kong.

  6. Lisa W

    is this compatible with android systems?

    • iBaby Admin (verified owner)

      Hello Lisa,

      Yes iBaby Monitor M6 is compatible with Android devices. You can download here

  7. Jed

    Does this camera have the option for continuous monitoring? We have a camera now that will eventually time out in less than 10 min if the app is left on. We like to be able to leave on at night while we sleep in case we don’t here the alerts.

    • iBaby Admin (verified owner)

      Hi Jed,

      Yes iBaby Monitor M6 will continuously monitor for 24/7/365. Also, it offers sound and motion alerts in case of any sudden movements or loud sounds.

  8. daniel

    where I can buy this camera in Spain ?

    • iBaby Admin (verified owner)

      Hi Daniel

      The iBaby Monitor M6 is currently not available in Spain. You can purchase from Apple online in China, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, US, Hong Kong.

  9. Jeff

    Can this be wall mounted? Or does it require a flat surface?

    • iBaby Admin (verified owner)

      Hi Jeff,

      At this point we do not have the wall mount. However, it is in our plan to add it as an extra accessory to be purchased later.

  10. Gloria

    There is a glitch in the iBaby M6 app. I have an iPhone 6 with most recent iOS 8.1.2 (up to date.) Manually taken pictures and video cannot be saved or shared. I can view them under “Media”, but when I click the “Share” icon the only two options are “Delete” and “Cancel” buttons that pop up from the bottom of the screen.

  11. Karen

    Hi – I currently have a M3 and would like to buy an additional ibaby monitor. Is the new M6 compatible to be used on the same app as the M3? Can I simply “add camera” so I can have both monitors running on the same app? Thanks!

    • iBaby Admin (verified owner)

      Hello Karen

      Thank you for contacting iBaby. The M6 monitor uses a separate app because it uses a different technology.

  12. Nicky

    Hi, I want to know if it work also without wifi

    • iBaby Admin (verified owner)

      Hello Nicky,

      The monitor can only work on Wi-Fi.

  13. Craig spanner

    When does this come in uk, as was supposed to be months ago and still no sign of it, be a new model out at this rate

    • iBaby Admin (verified owner)

      Hi Craig
      We apologize for the delay. Unfortunately, M6 is still not available in UK. We are working on this but still no ETA. We can ship through our US office but the shipping cost need to be paid by the customer.

  14. Hanna

    Does this only come as one camera? How can I add another one to the system?
    Can this camera be hung from the ceiling looking down on the kids room?

    • iBaby Admin (verified owner)

      Hi Hanna,

      You can purchase one M6 monitor and install our free iOS and Android app to use the monitor. Currently we do not have a wall mount kit but we are working on it.

  15. tanyaperalta

    Hi I currently have an M3. I want to add another camera. Can i add this M6 and use my M3 simultaneously in the play room and the other one in the sleeping room?

    • iBaby Admin (verified owner)

      Hello Tanya,

      iBaby Monitor M6 works with a separate app than M3.

  16. Scott Wilkinson

    Hi there,
    Looking to buy my first baby monitor for my first baby and very much aware the M6 is the one to have but… you do not sell it in the UK! why is this? are you releasing it in the UK any time soon? I know you have commented on a few other countries to buy it from US etc. But if I buy one through you via the US will it come with a 3 pin plug to use in the UK? and what warranties will there be for it should I need to return it, heaven forbid its faulty?
    Will be gutted if I have to go with another product as spent a long time look for the right one.

  17. Pauline

    Hi, I’m considering buying an M6 in Hong Kong and bring it back to the UK to use. But my uk andriod tablet (4.4.2) and uk android phone (5.0) apparently cannot download the app with the error message. I want to make sure it works on my andriod devices before buying it. Pls advise. Thx.

    • iBaby Admin (verified owner)


      Please contact us through support@ibabylabs.com and we will be able to assist you in downloading and installing the app.

  18. Shelley

    Hi there, dose this camera have invisible LED lights in complete darkness?

  19. carrie

    hi i was wondering if i buy this is there a website my husband can log into when hes out of town to watch the baby because all my husband has is his laptop?

  20. Abey

    When will the iBaby M6 wall mount be available to purchase?

  21. Cindy

    hi, I just wondering if I bought it from Apple store(Canada), Do I still have the surprise gift?

    • iBaby Admin (verified owner)

      Hi Cindy,
      You can only get the surprise gift through our website!

  22. MCristian

    Hello. I am from România and i’m intersted about Ibaby monitor M6. Which is the Closer shop to buy this product ?

  23. Carolina

    Does Ibaby allows to have multiple monitors connected on the same iphone? How would it work? Do I have to buy several monitors and install them all?

    • Eva Nikandrova

      Hi Carolina,
      Thank you for your question and thank you for choosing iBaby! To answer your questions, you can connect several monitors to the same app. In the app, choose ‘Add camera’ function to add multiple monitors. You only need to create one account for that but you do need to buy several monitors. You can log in into your account from several devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

  24. Ekaterina

    Hello. I bought iBaby M6 camera and the image quality was good. But the next day everything changed – the camera can not focus and the picture is blurred. How to restore the focus?

    • Eva Nikandrova

      Hi there,

      Sorry to hear about that. If you’re still having the issue, please get in touch with the customer service who will help to handle this. You can email them at support@ibabylabs.com or call +1 650 396 2436. The customer support team is in Mon-Fri, 9AM-5PM PST. Thank you.

  25. Nouf


    Do you ship to Kuwait?

    • Eva Nikandrova

      Hi Nouf,

      Thank you for your interest in iBaby.
      Yes, we can ship to Kuwait but you will have to cover the shipping costs. For a shipping price and to arrange such order, please get in touch with the customer support team. They can be reached over the phone +1 650 396 2436 or over email at support@ibabylabs.com. The team is in the office Monday through Friday, 9AM – 5PM PST. Thank you!

  26. Arthur Oya

    I love this product, is the best of babysitter cam! But, iBaby Labs, i need one application of Windows, OS X, because, i work in my home office and take the cellphone, iPad on, is not good!

    • Eva Nikandrova

      Hi Arthur,

      Thank you for choosing iBaby and sending us your comment. Indeed, currently it is only iBaby Monitor M3 that can be viewed online from your computer. But having access to the app from a computer is definitely something we are considering for our future products. Stay tuned!

  27. Chris

    If you have a network set up with the apple router without wifi hooked up to it, will this monitor still work? All my apple devices can communicate with one another on my network, but can not access wifi. Will my apple devices work with the M6 monitor?

    • Eva Nikandrova

      Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your interest in iBaby. iBaby Monitor M6 is a Wi-Fi based monitor, which means you do need Wi-Fi for the monitor to function. The only monitor that can be set up in the way you describe is our iBaby Monitor M3, which is IP-based. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact our Customer Service: over the phone at +1 650 396 2436 or over email at support@ibabylabs.com. The team is in the office Monday through Friday, 9AM – 5PM PST. Thank you!

  28. Sydney

    How does this camera stay charged 24/7/365? Especially if you have it hanging from your ceiling.. Does it work to your phones charge? Are you supposed to get the adaptor to keep it charged?

    • Eva Nikandrova

      Hi Sydney,

      Thank you for choosing iBaby. The camera does not have a battery. It needs to be plugged in with the power adaptor.

  29. Yasmina

    Hi guys im ordering my first M6. Do I need to purchase the extra adaptor/charger? Or is it included in the M6 package?

    • Eva Nikandrova

      Hi there,

      One power adaptor is included in the package. Note that it has the Type A (American) plug – if you are located out of the US, you might need to purchase an electric plug convertor into your country’s plug.

  30. Kendra

    About how much cellular data does the monitor use?

    • Eva Nikandrova

      Hi Kendra, it would depend on how much you use the app, what resolution video you’re streaming, etc.

  31. Megan

    For the short amount of time this monitor actually worked (less than 6 weeks) it was great. Set up was easy and I was able to take it to my mom’s as well as my aunt’s house and quickly get it working. This is the reason I at least gave it 2 stars. However, one night it worked and the next night it didn’t. The light continually flashes red and green and app will not progress past the preparation phase. I followed ALL of the trouble shooting instructions on line and completely uninstalled the camera and app and started from scratch and was unable to get it working. Their very own website states that if your light continuously flashes red and green to please contact customer care because there is currently no fix for that problem. So I emailed them followed by calling them. The person I got on the phone was trying to be helpful but was insistent that I go through all the trouble shooting steps with her that I assured her I had already done. So after going through all the steps and it still isn’t working, of course the problem is with my router! Yeah right. My router mysteriously re set itself. As well as the one at my moms AND the one at my aunts house because I attempted to use it again in both of those places as well. They have finally started the process for me to mail mine back to them in exchange for a new one. I have to pay for shipping to return their faulty product as well as provide a credit card for them to mail out a new one “in case they don’t receive the old one back” or so they say. This thing was 180$ and for the price I expected better than 6 weeks of functionality as well as being out even more money to ship back their faulty product. CAN NOT recommend.

    • Inigo

      Yikes! We apologize for your experience. Our customer support do try their best as there are so many routers and so many different setups that it can be tough to determine where the fault could lie. It looks like you guys determined it was a bad unit – but how did the replacement fare? Is everything alright now?

  32. Samantha

    Does the app allow for a split screen if you have 2 cameras going and you’d like to view both? Can the audio be running constantly, for example, if I would like to monitor more than one room at night?

    • Keren Lopez (store manager)

      Hi, currently at this moment the app does not allow for a split screen. You will have to toggle back and forth between monitors. As for the audio, as long as the app is open and have pressed the listen button, you can listen the monitor feed through the night. If you have anymore questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact our customer support at support@ibabylabs.com or call us at 650-396-2436 (M-F 9-5 PST)

  33. Alexis

    Will I be able to go out and still be able to check in on my baby at home through the app and get live feed?

    • Keren Lopez (store manager)

      Hi Alexis, thank you for your question. You can definitely access the live video feed even if you’re out from the house.

  34. Nicola

    Hi is this monitor available to buy online & be delivered to Ireland? And from where if so? Thank you

    • Keren Lopez (store manager)

      Hi Nicola, thank you for your interest in our award-winning monitors! You can definitely purchase a monitor through our website. Thank you and have a great day!

  35. Monica

    What is the difference between the M6 and the M6T? Also can I connect two phones to the same monitor ?

    • Keren Lopez (store manager)

      Hello Monica, Thank you for your interest in our iBaby Monitor. The main difference between the M6T and the M6 is that the M6T can detect temperature and humidity.

      You can definitely set up multiple monitors at the same time. All you need to do is toggle between each monitor to see each individual video feed.

      If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team at support@ibabylabs.com. Thank you and have a great day.

  36. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great and affordable baby monitor!

  37. Cass (verified owner)

    This is fine, but is not easy to set up. The camera angles are not as good as the one I had to replace.

  38. Christopher L. (verified owner)

    Broke within three days of purchase. Four weeks later and I’m still trying to get customer service to send a replacement.

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