AirSense – World’s Smallest Air Monitor & Ionic Purifier (Final Sale)

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Product Features:

  • Detects and removes allergens and harmful toxins
  • Smart ionic purifier with real-time air quality alerts
  • Temperature and humidity detector
  • Personal air station
  • Wi-Fi speaker and music player
  • Requires no filter cleaning or replacement

*iBaby AirSense Final Sale + No Returns

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smart-sound-and-air-alerts-ibaby-air and Air Sense

VOC Notifications

As AirSense detects a change in the air, you will simultaneously receive a notification on your smart device with a number that indicates your indoor air quality.

Smart Alert Lights

AirSense comes pre-set with four alternating light colors to indicate air quality: green, yellow, orange, and red. Monitor lights are customizable to match your color preference.

Wi-Fi Music & Audio Player

The two-way audio speaker allows you to listen and talk, when using AirSense. Connect to the iTunes library or add any MP3 music, and you can listen to your favorite tunes anytime.

Air Purification

When there is a change in the air, the lights on your monitor will switch colors and AirSense will automatically begin purifying the air by releasing negative ions.

Lifestyle Tips

It provides tips for improving your air and preventing declines in air quality. This may be as simple as opening a window, buying a plant, or using less of certain products.

Personal Air Station

AirSense provides a digital history graph for VOCs, temperature, and humidity. You can compare data and track environmental trends in your home and around the world.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 6 × 6 in

AirSense Light, AirSense Dark

2 reviews for AirSense – World’s Smallest Air Monitor & Ionic Purifier (Final Sale)

  1. Taylor Goodwin

    This is a great air monitor. I bought it to keep my son’s room safe from the environment and the shedding from my old cat. I’m so happy that this works amazing at detecting any harsh chemicals that can harm my son’s health and can purify it at the same time. I also love the nightlight since my son is at that age where he is terrified of the dark. I love that I can soothe him to sleep with the pretty colors and the lullabies from the app. I would 100% recommend this to anyone. Plus, they match my home decor to a T.

  2. Elpida Cyprus

    Well done to the author. Love the article.

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