This baby monitor has so many functions it will replace 3 or more devices you’re currently using — here’s everything it does


Anyone who has attempted choosing a baby monitor knows that it is often an exercise in accepting trade-offs.

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As much as new parents want to be in the room with baby at all times, sometimes a baby monitor is necessary (like when you’re having a dinner party — or just want to watch Insecure in the next room).

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Today we are talking about a series of baby monitors. This review is going to focus on the iBaby Care M6 and iBaby Care M7. You can control the panning and tilting features of both monitors via swiping the video feed in the app. There are actually ten customizable alert settings within the app, so it can become quite burdensome to manage all the alerts. We also received a ton of alerts even when we weren’t home. The app basically functions as a walkie talkie. Both monitors allow for two-way communication and have air quality monitoring features. Watch the video to learn more.

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Keeping your baby cozy and safe can be a year-round struggle. To make sure your little one stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter, you might consider buying a baby monitor with a temperature alarm.

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This group of baby monitors does an excellent job of watching and listening for baby, but they can also monitor the room conditions and help soothe baby back to sleep.

Best baby video monitors that stream to your phone

Gone are the days when you had to peek into your baby’s room to see how they are doing, risking to wake them up in the process, or when you had to choose between leaving them to sleep unsupervised to build independence, or waking up at each sound your infant makes in the cot next to your bed.

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Audio-only baby monitors are affordable but force you to tiptoe into the room to check on every little squeak; video baby monitors that run on radio frequency are stable and reliable, but can only be accessed from a single screen; and Wi-Fi monitors have a string of drawbacks that range from being unstable to having a video lag.

M6S vs. Withings Baby

Remember those audio baby monitors that drove us nuts with the scratchy sound? Remember how easy it was for them to become static when placed few feet away from any appliance?


We know baby is so cute you don’t want to step away, but when you do, the right baby monitor can assure you that baby’s safe and sound. Microphones, HD cameras and other modern features can let you interact with baby even when you’re a room away, but which monitor will give you the most peace of mind?