Smartphones, meet the smart baby monitor. iBaby M6 is the industry’s first 360-degree monitor camera, letting parents keep a watchful eye on their little ones, even from far away, with just the swipe of a finger.

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For those of you who may not already know, I have another baby on the way. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was planning for my first and looking for the best baby monitor on the market.

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We have previously reviewed the iBaby Care M7 as one of our best wifi baby monitors in 2019. The picture appearing alongside is that of iBaby M6S with 360 degrees pan and 110 degrees tilt.

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This is an awesome product that helps you monitor your child at all times. It has great features that allow you to see, follow and even entertain the child. This is a great camera that eases the process of monitoring your kid. You can read my following review and learn everything you need to know about it.

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iBaby M6S is a 1080p HD baby monitors is a predecessor to the latest released iBaby Care M7 but cost about $100 more than iBaby M6S. The differences and the similarities below will inform us on whether iBaby M6S is better despite costing almost $100 less.

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Best baby monitor of 2020

If you want more functionality than a basic audio-only monitor can provide, a smart video monitor lets you watch, entertain, and soothe your child from afar. Check out the best baby monitors we’ve tested to determine which is right for your little one.

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New parents have enough to worry about without wondering if their baby monitor is up to the task. Fortunately, they don’t have to — we’ve looked at more than half-a-dozen mounted cameras that beam live video from a nursery

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Baby monitors have come a long way from the days of static-plagued, souped-up walkie talkies. Modern monitors feature everything from remote-controlled lullabies to air quality sensors, but a quality device still needs to nail the basics. That means it needs to offer clear, reliable signals over a long distance and not die in a few hours.

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Ask any new parents and they’re bound to tell you that they’re desperate for sleep but stay up nervous about whether their baby is safe in the crib. I can’t tell you how many times I checked whether my son was breathing when he slept longer than usual. Thankfully, there are baby monitors that help parents watch over their little ones as they sleep.


Can’t find a moment to get the laundry done? Still, need to cook dinner, but you keep running back and forth to make sure your baby isn’t rolling over and is still breathing. Don’t worry most parents panic and drive themselves insane watching their children sleep! That’s why we came up with a list of the top 10 Best video baby monitor options for parents to choose from.