"iBaby Care M7- 2019's Best Baby Monitor by Forbes Magazine"

"The Most Dedicated Wi-Fi Baby Monitoring System that grows with your baby!"

iBaby Care M7 Monitor (Baby Monitor)

iBaby Care M7 Monitor (Baby Monitor)



Transport your little one into dreamland with the iBaby Care M7, our smart baby monitor with industry-leading baby technology and a built-in starry night moon and star projector. Carefully crafted and jam-packed with smart features, M7 turns into a parenting assistant that brings peace of mind and helps make parenthood hassle-free and efficient.

iBaby Care M7 Features include:

  • Full HD 1080p video w/ infrared night vision
  • High-quality two-way audio speakers to listen and talk to your baby, or for use as an audio monitor
  • Multiple users & camera split screen view
  • Customizable motion & sound alerts
  • Memory Timeline to store your baby’s milestones
  • Diaper & feeding alarms
  • Over 1,000 songs, lullabies, bedtime stories, white noises
  • Record your own lullabies or upload your favorites
  • Temperature, humidity & TVOC sensors
  • Built-in moonlight projector
  • Super wide viewing range via motor 360° pan & 140° tilt with finger touch
  • All Features & portability grow along every stage of your baby’s life for years to come

Protection Plan

Protection Plan:


“这基本上就像在紧凑、时尚的显示器中拥有另一个看护人,”  福布斯说。


360° 平移和 140° 倾斜

iBaby Care M7 是护理系列中唯一可让您以 360° 平移和 140° 倾斜观察宝宝的监视器。这意味着您只需在视频源上滑动(向左、向右、向上或向下)即可查看宝宝托儿所的各个角度。






无论您是在办公室、商场还是仅仅在一个房间之外,无论您身在何处,都可以完全控制您的 iBaby 显示器。




通过接收二氧化碳读数,了解您的宝宝的托儿所不会受到危险的 CO2 气体的影响。(CO2 是一种无色气体,会引起头痛、头晕等症状)。


● 智能传感器可提供足够的温度、湿度和 TVOC 空气读数
● 声音和运动检测
● 睡眠模式可阻止所有用户(相机所有者除外)使用显示器
● 隐私模式可将相机平移,以便您可以私下母乳喂养或者给宝宝换尿布


● 记忆时间线(生长和体重图表。图像、视频或帖子条目)
● 各种各样的音乐、摇篮曲、白噪音和睡前故事
● 邀请无限的家庭成员查看视频
源 ● 分屏查看多个 iBaby同时监控
● 尿布和喂食警报
● 从任何位置远程访问视频源
● 快速访问 iBaby 的帮助中心

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 6.5 in

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