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    What are your thoughts on the App? Are you liking it?

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    Seems ok but has lots of room for improvement. i.e.

    1. The sounds need to have better options. Playing sounds for a few minutes is not sufficient and the white noise should not just be for 12 hours. There should be an option to play sounds continuously until manually stopped. Having to reset the 12hr timer for white noise sounds is not helpful and we don’t use these functions for this very reason

    2. Moving the camera is trial and error. It either moves way too far so you’re constantly trying to adjust it, or it doesn’t move at all due to trying to use smaller movements to avoid spinning the camera too far/quickly

    3. The temperature and air quality readings appear to be quite a way out. On our M6S which the M7 replaced, the temperature was fairly accurate and air quality always read as excellent. The M7 shows air quality as moderate and the temperature is higher even though it is cool in the room. Not sure if this is a hardware issue (ie heat from the camera causing high temperature reads) or the software but either way need to be sorted out (edit, after resetting the camera, air quality now shoes as excellent. I will monitor this)

    4. It would be useful Media saved through the app was synchronised across devices

    Thanks 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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