iBaby Care M8 Monitor (Baby Monitor)

2K Hight Resolution

Full HD video crystal clear resolution with updated night vision and Lens

Moonlight Projector

Create a magical environment right in your own home! Beautiful night sky projections and soothing lullabies will transport your baby off to Dreamland.

Educational Development Features

Over 1,000 Songs and Lullabies for Musical Development, Bedtime Stories for Vocabulary Development, Customizable, Wake Up/ Sleep Routine, Augmented Studio Speakers for clean audio sound

Security Features

View remotely from any location, manually turn the monitor off/on, Privacy button & military grade AWS services

Health & Environment

Take control of the air your baby breathes with iBaby’s smart air quality sensors, that alert you whenever temperature, humidity, levels fluctuate. On top, iBaby’s smart sound and motion sensors will alert you whenever there’s sound or movement detected.

Anytime anywhere to Care

Finger touch rotating 360° pan & up to 180° tilt viewing angle

Added valuable features:

  • 2K Hight Resolution
  • Moonlight projector
  • Install in 60 seconds
  • Dual-band wireless router supports 2.4/5GHz
  • Temperature/acceleration sensor
  • Sound and alarm alert
  • 355 degree and 180 degree vertical viewing angle
  • The latest built-in 2-channel audio, no echo
  • Includes wall mount kit
  • Low-light sensor and lens for color night vision
  • Unlimited users can access and view
  • Diaper and feeding alert