iBaby Care M8 Lite Monitor(Baby Monitor)

Check your baby from anywhere: The baby has a Sharp 1080P full HD, 360-degree resolution and a 110-degree suitable video baby camera that allows you to check your baby anytime and anywhere via wifi or data.

Smart alert: motion/cry alert, temperature and humidity alert let you rest assured to take care of your loved ones, through sound and motion sensors, the monitor will know when something happened in the baby room and reminders will be sent to your mobile device , You won’t miss them, you can also invite your family to view your baby on the app with you.

Free Lullaby Bedtime Story: This monitor can play thousands of lullabies and bedtime stories, and even you can record yourself. This baby monitor camera also includes a series of natural sounds, lullabies and white noise to help soothe crying babies and help them fall asleep .

Flexible use of the camera:Allow multiple smart phones to connect to one baby phone, one network to connect multiple cameras, unlimited user access through privacy settings, and sleep mode to control access to the phone.

iBaby Care M7 + iBaby Wall Mount Kit (smart baby monitor)

Security & Privacy Features:
● Smart sensors for adequate temperature, humidity and TVOC Air readings
● Sound and Motion Detection
● Sleep mode blocks all users (except the camera owner) from using the monitor
● Privacy mode pans the camera away so you can privately breastfeed or change your baby’s diaper


Added Valuable Features:
● Memory Timeline (Growth and weight chart. Image, video or post entries)
● Wide variety of music, lullabies, white noises and bedtime stories
● Invite unlimited family members to view the video feed
● Split screen to view multiple iBaby monitors at the same time
● Diaper and feeding alerts
● Remotely access the video feed from any location
● Quick access to iBaby’s help center